...I have moved house often. Different towns, countries, flats, houses. I lived abroad in the USA and France for seven years. The time I spent in Toulouse, where I studied Interior and Product Design at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, has shaped my life considerably. In 1998 I went to Germany and started a job as an editor for a living magazine. I have been self-employed since 2004. I now work as an interior designer and journalist in Germany and France. I have business and private clients and cooperate with publishers and agencies.

Which room characterises you best?
Studio and living room. In the one, projects and ideas lay all over the tables, window sills and on the floor. The other is light, peaceful and tidy. They complement each other perfectly.

What do you collect?
I just have favourite pieces. What I am most attached to are two armchairs from my grandparents from the 1960s.

Que collectionnez-vous?
Ideas. Impressions. And photos of them.

Which colours do you particularly like?
Toutes. Je suis fascinée par leur impact. Avant je repeignais All of them. I am fascinated by the impact they make. I used to paint the flat every year – out of curiosity and to test the effect colours have.

Your biggest lapse of taste regarding colour?
iA living room in canary yellow. The colour didn’t last 48 hours.

What should you keep in mind when furnishing a home?
Only surround yourself with things that you love and that you need. Always buy the best you can afford. Good quality lasts longer and makes you happy.

What do you always need in your flat?
Flowers and art. I change details often so that the rooms continue to inspire me. I rearrange flowers, pictures or postcards. It is staging on a small scale.

Which projects do you have in mind?
I would like to bring out a book on colours.

What is the most important thing about your work?
Contact with people. I enjoy making other people happy with my work.

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