You can perform magic with colour and change the charisma of a room quickly. It sounds easy but it is in fact an art because each shade of colour has its own effect on a room.

The general rule is: light colours create more space in a room, whereas with dark colours you can create intimacy but also sometimes narrowness. Careful planning is necessary if unpleasant surprises are to be avoided.

Which colours do you notice when you look out of the window in your house? Which shades are already given by the furniture and the flooring? Should the whole room be painted or just one wall? Paintings,

coloured accessories or flowers can also liven up a room or calm it in a subtle way.

It is important to start with your requirements.

Have you ever noticed that your favourite colour in clothing is often not the same one that is predominant in your flat? Why is that? Which colours support your personality? Which give you energy, which harmony?

Let us advise you.

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