„The Principle of Growth.“

Location: 70 m² in the Rotherbaum part of Hamburg.

Concept: To create a place where sensible and stylish sit next to each other on the sofa...

Implementation: This flat has grown. Over the years. A process of looking and finding. Training the eye with proportions. Only keeping what feels right. Yearning. Wishing. As such, a lot of items in this flat have a story to tell which began long before the purchase. Furnishing is a lot more than just optics.
Items can be so very different, it’s the surfaces, the materials, the workmanship that count. Lines of sight. What is it that beckons us to go into the next room? What is it that connects the rooms like an invisible thread? Lightness, cheerfulness, style – this is what I was on the look-out for.

Lightness created by free lines of sight, light colours and furniture that is “leggy” such as the set of armchairs from the 60s. The less floor space is covered, the more spacious a flat appears to be. A sofa and armchair in white support this impression.
Cheerfulness: Everything that triggers positive memories is welcome. The mirror in the shape of the sun helps to keep the atmosphere bright even on grey days. The paper boat was an invitation to a wedding. The hot air balloon evokes personal dreams. Accents set coloured details.
Style: The doors to the sideboard shaped like waves. The gold of the mirror shaped like the sun and the lamp. A white swan by Arne Jacobsen. The delicate stripes on the wall in the bedroom. A cashmere blanket. The cat’s fur. Style is everywhere. A must: fresh flowers to create the mood.
Personality: is created when you start to tell your own story...

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